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Whether you're a seasoned server admin or just getting started, our panel is the perfect tool for managing our ddos protection with ease. Below you are able to see almost all features our panel and our protection provides to suit you and your server the best way possible.
  • Minecraft version limiter
  • Maximum server connections
  • Rejoin cool down
  • Maximum in-game packet size (prevent in-game exploits)
  • Automatic bot detection
  • Filtering highly legit bots
  • Configurable mitigation time
  • Built-in Anti VPN
  • Other miscellaneous mitigation features
  • Customize any message displayed by us
  • Offline motd and kick message
  • Real time stats
  • Mail & Webhook notifications
  • Analytics
  • Bot attack logs
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Own grafana dashboard (for company customers only)
  • Forward player ips (proxy protocol)
  • DNS Anycasting
  • Region-based prefered anycast ranges
  • Per-domain routing available
  • User Load Balancing (3 different modes)
  • Region switchable (no high pings due to false routing)
  • Provided, usable subdomain
  • Status response caching (faster motd loading times)
  • Support for multi region minecraft servers
  • Non-resetting traffic counters
  • Bedrock support
  • IP firewall & whitelist
  • Manage and add subusers to your server
  • Highly advanced api & documentation
  • Backend groups with names for better organization
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