Our globally anycasted, high performance network

Global, anycasted, protected high-performance network optimized for latency critical services, backed by high capacity uplinks.

500+ Gbit/s

Uplink capacity

20+ Tbit/s

Edge filtering capacity

3 POPs

Our current points of presence

512 IPs

IPs in allocation

Our mission.

This network provides us the possibility to expand in any direction, anytime we want. It is built for the purpose of edge delivering data and is protected from DDoS attacks on all edges. Using our high-performance XDP protection stack we do not allow any unwanted traffic into our network. Having direct connections to a big list of Tier 1 providers and IXes, we provide you with fast connectivity and low ping.
Volumetric Protection
With a TTM of just a few seconds, our upstream infrastructure effectively blocks high bandwidth/pps attacks, e.g. fragmented packets, AMP or reflection attacks.
ACLs on our upstreams
Applied on the upstream core routers of all our PoPs, we use our own rules to reliably block AMP and Reflection based attacks.
eBPF XDP filter
Applied on the edge of our anycast nodes, our protocol-based checks filter almost any L4/L7 attack reaching us. Dynamic rules and settings can be created through our API or Panel.
Applications or your network
Only very small attacks will get to this stage. Here, our proxies mitigate more complex layer 7 attacks (e.g., bot attacks). Only legitimate traffic that passes through our proxy will be forwarded.