Regain control of your own infrastructure, with a "little" help

High performance, kernel and application protection with XDP

Build your own high-performance, DDoS-protected infrastructure with our Protection As a Software, plug and play solution. Rely on the industries new standard: XDP driven software.
Fast and efficient
Dropping millions of packets per second with minimal performance impact. Horizontally scalable with fast state synchronization.
Advanced algorithms
From simple reflection and protocol attacks to advanced application specific (Layer 7) floods, we cover it all.
Realtime monitoring
Providing easy-to-use monitoring via a built-in Prometheus exporter and Grafana integration, providing detailed realtime data.
Battle tested
While not only being in place on several customer networks, it proves itself on our cloud-based GameShield infrastructure.

Taking care, not only by acting but by watching

Extensive monitoring is key to optimization
We will provide you not only with fabulous protection and consulting services but will also provide you and push you to monitor your systems. Tired of monitoring yourself? We will take an eye on your infrastructure!