Supercharge and secure your network with our Remote Shield

Remote Shield helps you to not worry about DDoS protection, stay rested while we secure and supercharge your network.

AS199414 - Empowering you with secure internet

While providing first-class routing, we ensure that your project stays safe at all times thanks to our in-line and secure built-in, always-on DDoS protection. Welcoming you not only with our technical aspects but also with our premium business support, which helps you address any arising problems you may face.

A few of the countless benefits

Here you can see a small list of benefits this solution brings with it to make your project easier, safer and faster than ever.
Low Latency
By tuning 50+ private peerings and 8+ Tier 1 carrier networks, we are providing extremely low pings for your experience. Your protected tunnel IPs or own IPs will be anycasted on all our edge nodes.
Stateful DDoS Protection
Our inline and stateful protection is permanently active and will keep track of all connections. With the help of symmetric-filtering and synchronization between all our filtering nodes we are able to drop all out-of-state packets.
99.99% uptime SLA
The highest priority of our network is to be up and running with redundancy at core.
Mitigation settings & profiles
You are welcome to customize a variety of settings & thresholds which are synchronized in a few seconds. Firewall and application/game filter profiles can be managed as well.
Reliable Support
Providing you with a fast and reliable support level, helping you with anything security related as fast as possible.
Monitoring as a core priority
Monitoring is key to identify weak spots, as fast as possible. We are dedicated to monitoring our systems every second.

Edge Firewall Rules

  • Configure your firewall & filtering rules directly on our Panel.
  • Applied in realtime on all of our edge nodes (1+ Tbit/s).
  • Application specific (L7) filters can be applied for individual ports.

Extensive Statistics

  • Dedicated Grafana & Prometheus instance for realtime attack statistics and attack vectors for all of your protected IPs and subnets.
  • Attack notifications through a wide range of supported Notification Providers.
  • Monitor clean & dirty traffic of all your IP tunnels in bandwidth (mbit/s) and packets per second (pps).

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